CHHA Program

Collaborative Holistic Health Approach


Food is medicine, but diets are one size fits all.  Advice from a holistic nutritionist, what to eat, when to eat, nourish YOUR body


Your body is pretty amazing, but when things aren't working smoothly sometimes you need to reset from the inside. Yoga, tai chi, breath work, meditation and qigong can all be helpful tools to find balance


Get to know yourself better and develop clear goals and practical method that will help you attain them.  Help navigating emotions, decision making and growth.


In health and conviction. Guidance to strengthen your body and build your self confidence at the same time.  The convince of at virtual programs with the befit and motivation of personal classes


Our first meeting will be about you and how this program can best serve you. We look at things holistically and come up with a plan.

The following meetings will focus on unwanted behaviors. Learning about tools to mange anxiety, chronic pain, unhealthy patterns

Change in small steps

When looking at diet and fitness goals I really look at what is realistic and sustainable.  By making small changes we can create new habits. I can be there to encourage and keep you focused. 

Food is medicine, balance is important, but everyone has their own style and there are so many great ways to eat well.

Beyond Yoga

Not all modalities will be for you.  some people struggle with meditation, or don't respond to reiki well, that's why there are so many great tools in this tool box.  Meditation might be amazing for one person, but healing breath-work might be more your speed. We figure out what your body needs and look and what might work best with you!


Most of us are living with high levels of unnecessary anxiety.  That is your body is in an adrenal response, filled with hormones that aren't serving us while trying to navigated our fay to day lives.  When we really do need this reaction our bodies are so tired and struggle to function. There are things you can do to fix that.


This program is holistic and tailored to each student, but there is also a community of people going through similar things and I will offer group, peer to peer session for students to chat in small groups if they choose.

Our Team

Hi I'm Andria Bell, i am Soul Sprout and main contact for the CHHA program but we have others helping with the nutrition and exercise programs. Stay tuned for more about our team soon

My main goal in life is to help others anyway I can.  I have been a birth and postpartum doula in Ottawa Ontario since 2013.  I also studied lactation, babywearing, pre/post natal and children's yoga, to give clients the best information.  As a mom of 4 kids I started to grow as they did, looking for help managing mental health and anxiety, I studied cognitive behavioural therapy, reiki, reflexology, energy healing, meditation and breathing  yoga and art therapies. 

I have overcome a lot in my time and want to help others find their own feet and get themselves where they want to be.

Ontario Reflexology College 


JoyEssence Clinical Aromatherapy 

Breathwork Yoga therapy

Little Lotus Yoga, prenatal and children yoga

Lisa Powers Reiki


Qigong energy 

And my most valuable education: working with people in my community day to day.  Every one of them teaches me something and I am forever grateful!