Volunteer Reflexology clients and COVID-19

I am looking for some volunteer clients who would like to try out reflexology for the first time, and some who have had treatment by other practitioners before. I am a certified Reflexologist but looking to cross certify this means I need feet!

These sessions are on a volunteer bases and does require some paper work (average to other clinic intake)

I will be accepting donations for Roger Nelson House if anyone would like to contribute.

I am happy to announce Reflexology sessions are back! Done outdoors, or in home with special precautions. These session will run throughout August.

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What volunteer client sessions look like right now:

- I can do at home treatments, if the weather permits and you have a comfy out door space I am happy to do sessions outside.  

-Masks are essential for both myself and the VC

-in home treatments are only available under safe circumstance. 

-No comfy table right now either,  we will use what you have in your space, a comfy chair or recliner will work.  Also I will only use my hand no additional tools will come with me

-I will disinfect my working space before and after the session.

-I will wear gloves while touching you but not the hole time I am there, I will be using hand sanitiser as needed

-Foot soak prior to session, I will no longer be doing this part for you, but I will give detailed instructions on how to prepare

This is a Heading

I need some people looking for multiple sessions

Are you available to do multiple session to see any changes that occur over your case?  I need a few people that want to set some goals and see what changes we make.

Using your treatments to form case studies.  Please specify when you reach out that you are happy to help with these case studies!

What does a treatment look like.

I will have to options for location,  I can come to you, or I will have some pop up in-clinic options as well.

-I have a comfy massage table if you have space, otherwise a recliner or comfy chair can work too.

-I will chat with you about any concerns you have

-Examine your feet and perform a reflexology session 

-Discuss any thing that my have come up 

Treatments are not painful and can help your body focus on the areas it need the most healing.  I strive to get your body to homeostasis.

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